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Keys to a Better Mount Position

Often called the ‘King of all Jiu Jitsu Positions’, the mount is powerful, yet complex position that needs to be deeply understood in order to […]

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My Journey into Martial Arts

A lot of people ask me how I came to be involved in jiu-jitsu. This is my journey into martial arts as best as I can remember it. Like father, like son I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. My dad, who has a black belt in Karate, used to teach a few classes a […]

Ultimate side control attack

The Ultimate Side-Control Attack

Very often it’s hard to submit a strong opponent from side-control, especially when they keep their arms in tight. Roger Gracie black belt Nicolas Gregoriades details his favourite technique for countering overly-defensive postures in side-control position.  

jiu jitsu competitions first timers

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitions: Tips for First-Timers

I remember the first Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions – almost 10 years ago. The fear and anxiety almost completely consumed me. Amazingly, despite horrible performances, I managed to win some of my matches through brute strength and sheer will. What I noticed was that all the training I had done and all the techniques I had […]

jiu jitsu belt system

Progression & the Belt System

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt System is a far stricter than in most other martial arts. It can take upwards of 10 years to achieve the black belt. As there are only a few belts, you will spend a long time on each one. Also, your progress will not be linear. You will spend weeks or […]


The Spirit of Jiu Jitsu

A couple of months ago the super-talented jiu jitsu filmmaker Stuart Cooper invited me to Thailand to work with him on a short film about the gentle art, entitled ‘The Spirit of Jiu Jitsu’. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. In this 13 minute documentary I discuss some of my […]

jiu jitsu flow drill

The Flow Drill for Jiu Jitsu

This is a detailed article on using flow drills in jiu jitsu written by the excellent, french black-belt, Alexis de Bretagne. Flow drill is in my opinion one of the best exercise to improve your jiu-jitsu. Many people talk about it but generally only a few of them know exactly what it is, how to […]